Toronto looks for a better effort in the second half of the season:

So the first half of the NBA season came to a close for the Toronto Raptors, had the finished ti with back to back losses to both Detroit and Boston. Now to be fair Toronto was missing keys in Pascal Siakam, and Fred VanVleet due to contact tracing.

Where I understand being short-handed is tough it should not be an excuse in my opinion, but regardless, the Raptors finished the first half with a record of 17-19.

They need to be better in the second half plain and simple. And one of the ways this team needs to improve is by defending the perimeter better. The Raptors gave up too many three-point opportunities to opposing teams.

Another issues that needs to be addressed is their lack of rebounding, again opposing teams have out worked them on the defensive end too many times.

And the last thing I feel that the Raptors need to change is to stop taking too three-point shots of their own.

Their first game of the second half is against Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks, I hope that all the things I mentioned will be a point of emphasis not just against the Hawks but throughout the remaining 36 games.

Let’s see them come out strong on Thursday night and start the second with a victory against Atlanta.

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