The Suns offense strong through 2 games of the Finals:

The Phoenix Suns offense has been strong through two games led by Chris Paul and Devin Booker. But it hasn’t just been Booker and Paul, it’s also been guys like Mikael Bridges, Jae Crowder and DeAndre Ayton, in other words it’s been a complete team efforts.

Game one of the Finals Chris Paul dropped 32 points while Devin Booker put in 27 points as the Suns won 118-105. Game two was a litte closer in terms of the score, but the Suns offense was on fire once again as they took game 2 118-108.

From a Bucks perspective though the first two games showed me two things

  1. The Bucks defense literally had no answer for The Paul/Booker combination
  2. The Bucks have relied on Giannis to provide all of their offense. How can you expect one player to carry all of the offense on his back? You can’t

Even though Giannis scored 42 points in game two it wasn’t even to give them the victory. If the Bucks have any chance of coming back in this series, something has to change in the way the Bucks approach game 3 Sunday night.

The Bucks are way to strong of a team to go down 3-0 in this best of seven NBA Finals in my opinion. The Bucks can’t just rely on Giannis they are going to need everyone to step up and to their part.

Otherwise this Finals could end up being a short for Milwaukee, and I don’t think the Bucks got this far to be swept 4 straight.

Who do you think will win game 3?

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