The Atlanta Dream under new ownership:

The WNBA’s Atlanta Dream is under a new ownership group which includes former WNBA player Renee Montgomery. Montgomery is the first female to become both Executive and Owner.

The Atlanta had been looking for new ownership as the former owner, a Republican senator had made racially motivated comments towards players.

Did we not learn anything from the Black Lives Matter movement? Apparently not because there are still small-minded people using the race card.

Anyway this is about basketball, and how to make the WNBA a better environment for regardless of colour race, etc. This is why I hope the new management of the Atlanta Dream will treat the players with a level of respect.

Because isn’t that what sports is all about?

Being able to treat each other as equals. Not have hate for one another because we come from different backgrounds.

I sincerely, wish Renee Montgomery and the new ownership all the best, and here is hoping for better days not just for the Atlanta Dream but the WNBA as a whole.

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