Strange ending to the game between the Raptors and Nets:

Friday night’s game between that Raptors and Nets were the Raptors won 123-117, had a very strange ending to it, you are probably wondering what I mean by strange.

Well Nets Superstar Kevin had been contact traced before game time, and it was thought he was positive for Covid-19, but the test came back negative.

So of course Durant was allowed to play in the game. It was Durant’s first game against the Raptors since the NBA Finals in 2019.

Offensively Durant wasn’t much of a threat as he only had 8 points all game, so the fact that he was taken early in the third quarter by the medical staff may have been a good thing.

But as I mentioned earlier I found it to be quite strange because first he was cleared to play, and then he was asked to leave the court the third quarter, it just didn’t make sense.

I understand there are protocols that need to be followed, but it that was the case why was Kevin Durant allowed to play Friday night? Somebody made a huge blunder.

And now Kevin Durant will have to quarantine for a week before he will be allowed back on the court, it’s an unfortunate situation for KD.

I feel the NBA Commissioner needs to investigate this situation thoroughly to find out what exactly happened.

What do you think?

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