Should LeBron have been allowed to play in the playoffs?

Should LeBron James have been allowed to play in the NBA playoffs? That is a question that is being asked by many basketball experts. The self-proclaimed king of the NBA broke health and safety protocols a few days prior to the start of the playoffs.

So it begs the question if someone like Lou Williams was held out of the bubble playoffs last October for also breaking Covid-19 protocols, why isn’t James being disciplined for essentially doing the same thing?

I feel one of the main reasons why is because LeBron James is the face of the NBA. While I understand that James draws the NBA a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that he should be allowed to do whatever he pleases.

I don’t want to seems like I am attacking LeBron, because I am not all I would like to see is players being treated equally and fairly regardless of who they are or what team they play for.

I feel that there are different rules for the Superstars and different rules for the second tier players.

If LeBron breaks health and safety protocols then he should have been suspended for the first few games of the playoffs. That is just my opinion.

Tell me what you think?

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