Raptors go into the offseason with questions:

So not only will there be a new NBA champion crowing in 2020, but both the Raptors and Rockets have a lot of questions as it relates to their respective teams. Now when I say questions, I mean how will each team improve their rosters for next season whenever next season start.

I really thought the Raptors would be a hard push to at least the Eastern Conference Finals, but they ran into a better, hungrier and grittier Boston Celtics team. Winning back to back championships proved to be more difficult than the Raptors had anticipated. But I will give Coach Nick Nurse and the entire Raptors organization props for the season they had.

If the organization were to take a step back and look at the season, they over-achieved. How can I say that? Well let’s go back to last year, Masai Ujiri trades his franchise player in Demar DeRozan to the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi and Danny Green. The Raptors had no idea wether Kawhi would actually come to Toronto.

Taking into consideration that Kawhi’s desired destination was not Toronto, was Los Angeles. But he came and he delivered a championship to a city and a country that was only know for it’s Hockey. I feel that had it not been for Kawhi Leonard, Raptors would still be a subpar franchise.

Expectations after Kawhi left for Los Angeles in the summer of 2019 would for the Raptors to take a step back, which could not have been further from the truth. Winning back to back championship though, would prove to be complicated.

Let’s wait to see what changes the team makes in the off-season if any at all. Because I think if this team has aspirations of winning another Championship some changes will definitely be need.

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