Michael Jordan invest in a Canadian NFT Company:

Michael Jordan recently made an investment of 305 million dollars in a company called NBA Top Shot. NBA top shot is the latest craze in the digital cryptocurrency space.

How it works is you as a fan are essentially purchasing a digital version of an NBA game moment.

Whether it’s an infamous Michael Jordan dunk, a three point shot, a block etc.

The question on a lot of people’s minds though is:

Why should I go and purchase a quote unquote game moment when I can go and watch them for free on YouTube?

Well my answer to that is I would like to own a piece of Basketball history, especially if it is a history that involves one of the greatest basketball player’s of all time in Michael Jordan.

I am interested to see how Jordan’s investment help NBA Top Shot as it is a relatively new concept in the Sporting world.

Will it pick up steam like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies or will it just be another fade?

Let’s wait and see.

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