LeBron and the Lakers look strong through the first 15 games:

Last season’s NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers are looking strong through the first 15 games of the 2021 NBA season. I feel that a lot of the strength on the Lakers comes from their two main guys LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

These two are the engine that drove the Lakers to their franchise 17th championship. Don’t believe me? Well here is a clip of last season’s finals.

It took six games, but the Lakers came out on top and that too me shows me that this Lakers team as constructed could dominant for years too come.

The only question that I would ask is how long can LeBron continue to play at this elite level?

He is now 36 and obviously father time will catch up with him, but surprisingly having watched him throughout his career I don’t see him slowing down or retiring any time soon.

If anything I see LeBron sticking around past the age of 40 to play alongside his son Bronny James.

How about Anthony Davis? This 27 year Centre came from New Orleans after seven unsuccessful years there, and won his very first Championship.

Honestly whether it’s LeBron or Davis, the Lakers are going to be the team to beat, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

At the start of last season it was believed that the Milwaukee Bucks would be the team, that could take down the Lakers, but Milwaukee is still a few years away from being a contender.

Miami tried and came close but again the Lakers proved to be too much.

We’ll have to see how this 72 game season plays itself out, will the Lakers repeat or could we see a new champion is 2021?

Like I mentioned the Lakers are a solid championship team.

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