Get your brackets in as March Madness is back:

Get your brackets in, why you ask? Well that is because March Madness is back. One of the biggest basketball tournaments is back after a year-long hiatus, as we all know all the college sports were cancelled due to too COVID-19.

But the Madness is back in a bubble format, 16 of the top U.S. Colleges looking to be champion of College basketball.

So which of the top teams in this tournament be in the final four and eventually take home the National championship.

I personally don’t know enough about College Basketball to make a prediction, but there are those that follow the tournament closely that feel there are three teams that are the potential favourites.

And those favourites are as follows Gonzaga, Baylor, and Illinois State. I am very intrigued to see how this tournament plays out of the next several weeks.

There will be a lot of upsets and a lot of surprises.

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