Davis Turns down a huge payday from Lakers:

After being traded to his preferred destination in Los Angeles, the Lakers thought that Anthony Davis was going to be a Laker for life but that was not the case. On Tuesday, January 7, 2020, the Lakers offered Anthony Davis a four-year contract worth $146 million dollars, WOW! That is a lot of money but obviously, Davis figures that he is worth a lot more than the 146 million he was offered by the Lakers. So what does that mean? Will Davis stay with the Lakers and sign a long-term deal or will he actually test free agency this coming offseason, personally speaking, though if it was me and I was offered $146 million for four years to play a game I love I would sign the contract in a heartbeat on questions asked. So I guess the question is what will Anthony Davis do? Will he stay with the Lakers sign a long term deal try to win a championship? Or will he decide that he is better of somewhere else? To me going somewhere else wouldn’t make sense for Davis as he wanted to be in Los Angeles so he could play with Lebron and also have an opportunity to win a championship and opportunity he felt he didn’t have in New Orleans. What I wonder though is what Lebron is thinking as all of this is unfolding, will he try and convince Davis to sign a long term deal or will another player leave because they don’t want to be in Lebron’s shadow, we all know what happened in Cleveland with Lebron and Kyrie after their championship Kyrie felt like he was being held down by Lebron and that is why Kyrie wanted out and eventually signed with Boston Celtics. But I have a feeling Davis is going to stay and not only sign the five-year deal with the Lakers but I would also put the Lakers as the favourites to win the championship. We’ll see how this situation plays out.

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