Clippers and Hawks are tied 2-2 in their respective series:

The Clippers were down 2-0 in their Western Conference series with the Utah Jazz but now are tied 2-2 thanks to the offensive efforts of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. The first two games of this series were all Utah and Donovan Mitchell, but games 3 and 4 have proved to be all Clippers.

Now I feel the series is a best of three now, it and will be interesting to see which of these two teams is more desperate to win.

Personally speaking I would like to see the Utah Jazz wins this series and move on too the NBA Finals.

Why you ask? Because in my mind Utah is a much better team than the Clippers.

I think the same could be said of the Atlanta Hawks who also tied their Eastern Conference match-up with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Even though the series is tied 2-2 I feel like the Hawks have been the dominant of the two teams, now the question is will that dominance continue?

Find out in game 5.

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