Blake Griffin becomes the latest addition to the Brooklyn Nets:

So after trading for James Harden, the Brooklyn Nets are about to add another piece to the championship puzzle in Blake Griffin. Griffin who spent the last three seasons with Detroit Piston, but was on the injured reserve for most of the three years.

Griffin originally drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers in 2009, missed his entire rookie season due to a stress facture in his knee. He debuted against the Portland trailblazers in 2010-11, where he put up 20 point and 14 rebounds.

His rookies number were comparable to rookies such as Allen Iverson and Elton Brand when they came into the league.

Griffin is now going to be a part of an already stacked Brooklyn Nets team with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irvin, and James Harden.

Can he be the final piece of the puzzle for the Nets, can he be a difference maker or will he be just another player on the team?

We will have to wait and see as the second half of the NBA season starts on Wednesday.

Brooklyn’s first game is on Thursday as the face and Eastern Conference rival in the Boston Celtics. I am going to be interested to see how Griffin fits into the line-up.

I also want to see how he meshes with Durant, Irving and Harden.

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