Are there changes coming to the Raptors roster?

With the trade deadline just a few short weeks away and teams looking too bulk up their rosters, one question that I have been asking myself is, are the Toronto Raptors going to make changes to their roster?

And the only answer that seems logical to me is yes they will. And the one name that has been floated around is Raptors Point Guard Kyle Lowry. You’re maybe asking why did I mention Kyle Lowry’s name? Well for a couple of reasons:

1 He is an older player and may not have a lot of time left to win another Championship.

2. Kyle is on an expiring contract that runs out at the end of this season and if the Raptors go into a full re-build would he want to be a part of that? Even though has expressed that he wants to retire as a raptor I feel that he would be better suited on a contender.

We’ll have to wait and see if Kyle ends up going to another team.

Another name that is or was rumoured to be in trade talks was Raptors young Power Forward Pascal Siakam, while I understand that Siakam hasn’t been putting up the numbers this year to me, it doesn’t make sense to trade a key piece of your future.

He is only 26 and still growing into his game I feel with a bit more experience he will be a solid player.

Even thought the Raptors haven’t had the best start to their season I would say leave things as there are, see if the core group of players can go deep into the playoffs, if not then re-evaluate who stays and who goes.

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