Ankle injury will hold James out of the Lakers line-up:

    So an ankle injury will keep Lakers superstar LeBron James out of the line-up for several weeks. The Injury occurred as he and Atlanta Hawks Guard Solomon Hill were attempting to retrieve the ball in 2nd quarter of the Hawks and Lakers game, Saturday night.

    There was a lot of speculation that this particular play was considered to be dirty.

    Now as a fan of the game I have seen plenty of dirty plays, but this one was far from being dirty.

    Unfortunately it caused LeBron too further injured his already injured right ankle which he had been playing through for the past few weeks.

    The surprising thing that the clip does not show is how LeBron after spraining his ankle was able to get up and walk off the court on his own power. Which tells me that the severity of the injury is not serious.

    But then again I am not a doctor, obviously it is serve enough to keep him out of the Lakers line-up potentially until the playoffs.

    Where do the Lakers go from here?

    What do I mean by that? Well Both of the Lakers superstars in Anthony Davis and now LeBron are out, and so who will carry the offense?

    Well it will have to be guys like Kyle Kuzma and Dennis Schröder.

    And will that be enough or will the Lakers fall out of a playoff spot before both Davis and James return from the respective injuries?

    My guess is that without Davis and James the Lakers won’t have enough firepower to make the playoffs.

    But we will have to wait and see.

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