And then there were two:

These NBA Playoffs have come down to the final two teams, the Golden State Warriors who are looking to 3 peat as NBA Champions, but they will be without one of their top stars in Kevin Durant who is currently dealing with a calf strain, they will be taking the Toronto Raptors, a team this has had to scratch and claw their way to get to the finals. Golden State’s road to the finals was somewhat easier than Toronto’s, but I feel that after years of being a non-playoff team, and then only ever getting to the Eastern Conference finals twice but then got swept by Lebron and the Cavs last year, but now that Lebron is in the West the Raptors didn’t have to worry about running into him, but instead ran into another wall in Giannis Antetokounmpo, who for the first two games of the Eastern Conference finals looked like a man possessed, and was headed to face the Warriors in his first ever NBA finals, but the Raptors who I feel were destined to make the finals, did exactly that by winning game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals and putting themselves in the NBA Finals for the first time in the history of the franchise. Now listening and watching a lot of the American Sports Shows almost everyone is giving the series to the Warriors uncontested, pardon the basketball pun there, but I think that is a bit premature there is no way the Raptors got here to just hand the Warriors the Championship, they didn’t claw through teams like Orlando, Philadelphia and Milwaukee by fluke, even there are those that feel like this run the Raptors are on came at the hands one man and the man is Kawhi Leonard, and sure there maybe some truth to that but, having watched that last series with Milwaukee in game 6 and being down 15 points going into the fourth quarter I like everyone thought that Milwaukee would be the team facing the Warriors in the finals, but somehow, the Raptors found a way to get the victory. Well all I can say is I hope it’s a good long series and may the best team win.

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