A new crop of NBA prospects!

Thursday the NBA had it’s draft where the latest crop of NBA prospect were looking to become the next superstar. All eyes were on the first overall pick in this year’s draft and it belonged to the Detroit Piston.

Last season the Pistons were notably the were team in the league and so they were given the opportunity in the Draft Lottery to select the first overall pick.

Image Taken at Orange Power Studios, Thursday, July 2, 2020, Boone Pickens Stadium, Stillwater, OK. Courtney Bay/OSU Athletics

That pick happend to be this young man Cade Cunnigham a 6’9 Guard from the state of Texas who went to Oklahoma State. A great floor general with Strength as well as great basketball acumen. he is able to see and make plays for players on the teams.

The question is will those skills translate to the NBA I believe they will.

The second overall pick went to the Houston Rockets and they selected Jalen Green

Currently playing in the G league this 6’6 shooting Guard from frenso State will look to make an impact an a professional player. Forloughing a college education this 19 year old decided to go straight to the pros.

We’ll have to see what this young man can do and how he handles playing with men instead of boys.

This are just two of many young prospect who are looking to show their skills and abilities as professionals.

I feel some of these young men entering the NBA will have make the transition to the pros very quickly, and for others I believe it will take some time.

Good luck too all the draftees in the career I sincerely hope each of them will bring great success to their respective teams.

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