A Bittersweet Victory:

The Christmas Day game against the Boston Celtics didn’t go the way the Raptors wanted, as the Celtics came to Toronto hoping to get pardon the pun A Christmas present in the form of a victory against the home team, and a victory they got. Jaylen Brown was the main driver that help the Boston Celtics get a much-needed victory, beating the Raptors 118-102. At one point during the fourth quarter, Jaylen Brown was thanking Raptors point guard Fred Vanvleet for letting his team win on Christmas Day which I found to be quite funny, as the Celtics have had trouble beating the Raptors in the past. With the Christmas day loss on their minds, the Raptors wanted a different result in Saturday’s game. Prior to Saturday’s game coach Nick Nurse said that the team hadn’t played their best game on Christmas day as he felt their team didn’t do the necessary things they need to win the game. But as I said the game Saturday was much different in terms of energy, mental focus, and attention to detail, that is not to say there weren’t mental lapses throughout the game, but I felt that the Raptors showed more fight against the Celtics on Saturday. A few things about Saturday’s game in terms of stats that were a little staggering, one being the rebounding the Raptors had 53 rebounds on Saturday, versus 34 on Christmas Day that is quite a difference between the two games and the other was the field goal percentages, on Christmas Day the Raptors shot 47.5 percent from the field while the Celtics shot and even 50 percent, on Saturday the Raptors shot 52.7 percent from the field while the Celtics shot 39.7 percent. Putting that all aside the Raptors got the victory 113-97 which is the most important stat of all. The Raptors’ next game is against Chris Paul and the Oklahoma City Thunder while the Boston Celtics take on Kemba Walker’s former team the Charlotte Hornets on New Year’s eve.

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