Week one of the NBA Season:

Well week one of the NBA season is in the books and the excitement is just starting, we had the newly crowned NBA champion Toronto Raptors raise their Championship Banner as well as receive their championship rings, we also had the battle of Los Angeles and Kawhi and the Clippers stole round one very easily. Another big story we will get to read is the one in Brooklyn with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant who is recovering after tearing ACL in the Finals in June against the Raptors, Durant will not be available to play until the 2020-2021 season which is when I feel the Nets will be the team to be in the East. Another team that I think is going to be worth watching this year is going to be the Philadelphia 76ers especially after they acquired Al Horford in the offseason, I know one player doesn’t make a team but Horford is a great defender, and I feel that defense is something Philly lacked in the playoffs. Milwaukee is another team is people should sleep on, they were a team that was in my opinion two wins away from meeting Golden state in the finals unfortunately they ran into a slightly better Raptors team. 

That was the East, now let’s look at the West cause I feel the West in going to be the Conference were the 2019-2020 Champion is coming out of. Obviously when you look at the two LA teams in the Clippers and the Lakers you could easily make either team the favorite to win the Chip, personally I like the Clippers why? Two words Kawhi Leonard. But aside from those teams I also think that Houston has a decent chance of going to the finals, one team in the west that will potentially take a step back is Golden State after dominating the league for the past five years, I don’t see the Warriors as a playoff teams much less NBA Champion for a least another two years, just my personal opinion. Portland is another team  I want to see have a better fate in the Playoffs but that all depends on the play of Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum, and my final pick to make a big push this year is Denver, I think the Nuggets have all the tools to be a scary opponent for anyone in the playoffs. What do you think?

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