Warriors go from bad to worse:

We are just eight days and 5 games into the NBA season and the first major injury has already taken out one of the biggest stars in Steph Curry, who suffered a broken left hand in the Suns Warriors game Wednesday night when Steph Curry Collided with Suns Center Aaron Baynes, not only did the Warriors lose Steph Curry, but the Warriors lost the game to the Suns by 11 points, at one point the Warriors were down by 29 points. My question now is where do the Warriors go from here? Is the season completely lost? I say yes because I don’t see anyone other players on this team stepping up and replacing the offensive punch that both Steph Curry and Klay Thompson provide this team, now I understand that Thompson’s injury will keep him out for the duration of the 2019-2020 season, but what happens if Steph Curry’s injury keeps him out for a lengthy period of time, who do the Warriors look to be the offensive leader, is it Draymond Green or is it D’angelo Russell I don’t know. I will say this if the lack of scoring continues and the Warriors lose games there is no way they are making the playoffs, but we are only five games in so it may be a little early to make that determination.

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