A Historic Day in the game of Basketball:

Yesterday was a historic day in the game of basketball, as the WNBA and its players’ union signed its very first eight-year collective bargaining agreement, for the first time ever women basketball players will be able to make a six-figure salary. The average salary of a WNBA player will go up from $116k to $130k, the top-level salary will in the $500k range, but I feel more important than the money is the fact that the WBNA sees the value of these athletes not on a monetary level but more importantly in society as role models for young girls who someday may want to become professional basketball players. Kobe Bryant, a five-time NBA Champion was very complimentary of WBNA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert saying that he was very proud of her and the Player’s union for coming together and creating a partnership that will last the next eight years. I feel this a step in the right direction, not just for the WNBA but for basketball as a sport. As time goes on you are going to see the game of basketball grow not just on a national level but on an international level as well, how you may ask? Well, I think we will see more exposure in different international markets such as China, Africa, India, Europe and there are also talks about having a WNBA team in Canada specifically in Toronto. Seeing the game expand to the markets I mentioned especially in Canada would be great to see, especially after seeing the Raptors win the championship last June, why not have a WNBA team represent Canada, as Canada is the place where the game got started. 

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